Exhaust fan

Plastic steel blade fan type TUHE-S1

Specification:36inch,42inch,48inch,54inch,61inch Category:Exhaust fan

Elements of intensified resins vane: unsaturated resins, glass fiber and reinforced agent.

1.Characteristics: With high intensity.

2.Smaller noise: the resonant noise is smaller than that made by the stainless steel or aluminum alloy vane, but the air volume keeps the same.

3.Climatic tolerance: The climatic tolerance is strengthened because of ultraviolet ight absorbent material and cryogenic temperature tolerance modifying agent used in the producing formula, t behaves well for ages even in the significantly changed temperature, without being aged, crisp and the color never changed.

4.Corrosion resistance: The intensified resins vane is unparalleled to the stainless steel or aluminum alloy vane. It resists the erosion from the chemical such as an acid or a base, without being stained and musty: specially adjusts the ocean climatic or wet area; partcularly used in the acid or base wastes-filled industrial actories. 

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